Our MISSION is to provide our customer base with a truly unique experience.
A nutritious wholesome food, handy for those on the run – or just to sit and enjoy in your very own space.cow1
Our Background
Prior to the business being owned by us, the previous proprietors successfully produced and sold their ice cream for over 26 years.
It is a little shop, but very well known for the quality ice cream that is served.

Our product is unique because of its raw organic milk base sourced from rich fertile pastures on the outskirts of the small community town of Lakes Entrance in Victoria’s East Gippsland region, 300klm from Melbourne CBD.

The farm’s dairy herd produces100% pure certified organic milk single origin that does not contain any chemicals, hormones, preservatives or artificial ingredients – and this can only go to benefit people’s health, the finished product, the ice cream, being a pure pleasure on the palate.

The base that Matt has designed has emanated from many months of trialling and believes he has created a neutral base with no nasties, preservatives, additives, animal fats, using the highest grade derivatives from plant base with no wheat, egg or soya.

All flavours are sourced from pure fruit, cocoa and nut bases eg. organic milk + neutral base + vanilla bean = our own vanilla ice cream.

We believe the shop has achieved over many years, a ranking of being one of, if not the best and most well known retail ice cream outlet within Victoria.

Our Futurecows2
As our Lakes Entrance shop is filled near to capacity all summer and into the mid year during holiday times, our next step is to market our ice cream further a field.

It is our strong belief the approach we need to take is to not wait for the tourist season to come to us but for us to take our product out to the wider community.

We project the business will be rated one of the top ice cream shops in Victoria within 3 to 5 years, not just in the quality of the product but also the service and smiles provided.

The main demographics of my business are families, the mid twenties through to the eighties – families are very important to us.
The potential of our business is more of having the product in the greater populated area, the many food and wine festivals, shows and associated events.  We attend major events, Farmworld at Lardner Park Warragul, Harvest of Gippsland at Lardner Park Warragul, Trucks in Action Lardner Park and East Gippsland Field Days at Bairnsdale and, with the aid of the Riviera Ice Cream van, smaller events in surrounding areas. All these events have been very successful with really good feedback from our customers.

The main market we are focussing upon is the conscientious people looking for an Organic Ice cream that is rich, smooth, and creamy and being left enjoying a wonderfully satisfying taste sensation.

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